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(c) "Speculation and Revelation", translated and edited by Bernard Martin, Ohio University Press, 1982

Translator's Preface
The Fundamental Idea of the Philosophy of Lev Shestov by Nikolai Berdyaev

On the Eternal Book - M. Gershenzon
In Memory of Mikhail Osipovich Gershenzon

Speculation and Apocalypse - Vladimir Solovyov
The Religious Philosophy of Vladimir Solovyov

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V.V. Rozanov

On Two Books by Richard Kroner

Martin Buber

Myth and Truth - Levi-Bruhl
On the Metaphysics of Knowledge (LÚvy-Bruhl's book "La mythologie primitive")

Yasnaya Polyana and Ostapovo - Leo Tolstoy
On the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Death of Leo Tolstoy

On the "Regeneration of Convictions" in Dostoevsky

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Sine Effusione Sanguinis - Karl Jaspers
On Philosophical Honesty (Karl Jaspers' book "Vernunft und Existenz")

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Kierkegaard as a Religious Philosopher

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Gnosis and Existential Philosophy - Nikolai Berdyaev

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In Memory of a Great Philosopher - Edmund Husserl
Translated by George L. Kline

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